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Texas Product Liability Law 

Texas’ product liability law is key to protecting consumers from dangerous products. It only takes a tiny mistake in the design, creation, or sale of the product to have devastating consequences for the buyer. 

This law helps to protect consumers from damages that might happen from using the products. If you believe you may be entitled to compensation for a dangerously defective product, reach out for guidance from Chris Lewis & Associates P.C. about your claim. 

What is the Texas Product Liability Act?

The Texas Product Liability Act is a strict product liability law used throughout the state. This holds the parties of the products liable for any damages that happen because of a defective product.

 These individuals or entities are legally responsible for any injuries or other damages regardless of whether they were negligent. For example, if they were cautious when mixing medication, but some batches were contaminated, they may still be held liable for the injuries suffered because of this.

Types of Product Liability Claims 

There are three types of product liability claims that can be made. Since each case is different, it has to be handled in a different way. Understanding the elements that are needed to prove liability is important, so talk to your attorney about your options to sue. 

Defects with Design 

When a product has a flawed design, the manufacturer may have overlooked dangerous aspects of the way the product works. You may need to prove there is a design defect and show your injury was caused by this defect due to the design. 

You may also need to prove there is a safer design option available for the same product. The safer design has to show that it does not do damage to the user. If you’re unsure where to begin, your lawyer has the tools to investigate. 

Manufacturer Defects 

Manufacturing defects happen during the manufacturing process. These cases are proven by showing the manufacturer did not comply with federal safety standards. Once you show that the product didn’t meet the safety standards of the time it was produced, you also need to show this is what caused the actual injury. 

For example, during the manufacturing process, an electrical component may have been incorrectly attached. When used, the product may catch fire or electrocute the user. If you suspect the product is dangerous in this way, reach out for help. 

Failure to Warn Consumers

Failing to tell consumers of the dangers involved with using their product can lead to injuries and damages

When the product is placed on the market, the manufacturer has a duty to warn the consumers who may use the product of any foreseeable issues. The warning labels should be placed in obvious areas on the product, and must be legible and comprehensible.

Consumers should be given the tools to make their own choices about their health and safety. Without this information, they can’t make those decisions knowledgeably. 

Learn More from a Product Liability Lawyer 

If you require additional legal help for product liability, reach out to the right team of attorneys. This is an important law that protects consumers. If you’ve been harmed because of a manufacturer’s defective product, get help you can trust in. 

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