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Dallas Burn Injury Lawyer

If you’ve suffered a burn injury in Dallas, you may have grounds for compensation. Your Dallas burn lawyer can help you get compensated for the suffering a negligent party caused. 

A burn injury can have serious, life-changing consequences for you. Burns can happen anywhere, whether you’re working with fire, machinery, or electrical equipment. But you may have been careful—it was someone else’s actions who caused your injuries.

At Chris Lewis & Associates P.C., we understand how difficult fighting a burn injury lawsuit can be. If you’re struggling to get fairly compensated, work with a Dallas burn injury lawyer for the help you need.

Who’s Liable for a Dallas Burn Injury?

You may be sure you didn’t cause your own burn injury, but who’s responsible for the suffering you experienced? Determine who was negligent and caused your injuries in vital to the success of your claim. Your lawyer can help you identify the at-fault party and who is liable.

For example, you’re struck by another driver, and burned in the Dallas car accident. Because they were driving carelessly, they may be liable for the suffering you experienced and costs associated.

In other cases, you’re indirectly injured because another person didn’t make sure their property was safe. For example, suffering an electrical burn because of exposed wiring. These cases may be the responsibility of the property. Unsure who’s liable for your injuries? Bring your claim to a burn injury lawyer for help.

Compensation for Dallas Burn Injury Victims

When you’ve suffered such a serious burn injury, you need help from your burn injury lawyer to get compensated in full. Your compensation for a Dallas burn injury can be difficult to calculate without the right tools. Acting without the right tools and experience can lead to a low settlement offer.

You need to know the full costs of your burn injury, from your economic losses to your non-economic losses. Your economic losses, for example, should cover all costs associated with you’ve accident, like rehabilitation and surgery.

Your non-economic losses should include the intangible suffering you experienced because of your injuries. For example, you may have been in severe pain because of your injuries. With the help of a knowledgeable attorney, these intangible costs will be quantified accurately.

If you’ve suffered a burn injury, you may be due compensation that covers the entirety of your losses. Below are just a few of the damages you may seek because of your Dallas burn injury claim:

  • Medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma 
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Connect with a Burn Injury Lawyer in Dallas

When you’re suffering from burns, you may have grounds for a lawsuit against the at-fault party. But how do you know what that claim is worth, and who should pay the damages?

If you’re struggling to get compensated by the at-fault party, the lawyers at Chris Lewis & Associates P.C. fight to uphold your right to justice. Your Dallas burn injury lawyer has the tools to provide a free consultation, represent your interests every step of the way, and win a favorable outcome for your claim. To accept your free consultation, call 214-665-6930 or complete the online contact form below.


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